What makes us different?

The iM! agency grew from small roots. Self-funded, driven, by innovation, results and hard work.


The agency was founded in 2015 and grew it’s national reputation as a leader in it’s niche area of expertise rapidly. The approach of iM! is not to follow the crows, our focus is to create and implement a strategy for our client’s so that it far outweighs their competition and generates the attention their deserve!


We place heavy emphasis on a number of key areas which are often either misunderstood or neglected by businesses and even established brands, these areas include:


  • Using personal branding to leverage growth and success,
  • Linkedin strategy and tactics,
  • Video commercials and tactics for social and targeted TV,
  • Fully integrate Marketing strategy & consultancy,


We help business owners, their companies and their brands to find their personality and ultimately, we then help them share it in the right circles.


Targeted TV B2C

We can target UK households by over 1,000 unique demographics. Working with SKY TV we know when your customer is watching, we know what they are watching and then, when the commercial break comes on….they see your commercial!

Our approach works on the basis that it is better to target 100,000 customers directly and precisely than it is to target 1,000,000,000 randomly.

We produce metrics, analytics and evaluations of campaigns which enable brands to create even more targeted and precise campaigns.


No advertising budget, just clever content and engagement! Our content generated for client’s enables them to build a tightly targeted entry to the Linkedin world. We grow the right connections, establish a database and then integrate the strategy into your other marketing channels.

Paid Ads

Paid advertising on Linkedin cannot be undertaken lightly. The reason? Mistakes can be costly. Targeting the right individuals however enable our client’s to undertake paid advertising safely and with the guarentee of the right results.

Whether it be sponsored content or text advertising, the team at iM! have a unique approach to building the momentum behind your company to become known in the right areas.

Linkedin Strategy

Linkedin is a treasure trove for the willing business. As specialists in this niche B2B social channel, iM! have both the knowledge and practical experience as to how to build a fully integrated sales and marketing process for your senior teams.

Linkedin is a platform about industry expertise. We work with our client’s to create unstoppable momentum for their business. This can be broad and niche.

Results matter which is why we report everything to our clients. Whether it be through an organic campaign or a paid B2B advertising campaign the figures we report enable our client’s to make informed decisions on their future campaigns

LinkedIn Campaigns

Linkedin campaigns take a number of different approaches. Each approach MUST follow a certain flow to maximise the results.

Native Video

iM! has an experienced in house video production and content team. We work with our clients and in house strategists to create video content which is professional and suitable for social audiences. Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram are becoming over-saturated with low grade content, we produce the higher grade which captures attention and drives business growth.c

Native video can be produced for influencers and company pages, the reason? they show the customer in real time what you do but most importantly, it introduces them to your brand and the way that you do business.


We’ll help you plan out your messaging, campaigns and activity to help you deliver your objectives for your brand, and business growth.


We’ll help create the assets, visuals and creative that will connect and engage with your audience, landing your message with impact.


We’ll get the job done with you and for you. Our client services team become an extension of your team to help deliver your objectives.

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