3 free tools on Linkedin that will boost your business

Linkedin can be a very expensive marketing tool especially if you are not familiar with how it works. Despite this, it is a great place to connect and network with people in your area or field of expertise.

The big benefit of Linkedin is the ability to connect with decision makers and the potential opportunity of winning new customers. It’s the ideal scenario that every business owner looks for, influence, revenue and growth.

If however you have only just familiarised with twitter and Facebook it can be quite a daunting exercise to get used to LinkedIn’s as the way it works is very different.

We thought that we would help you out and so we have put together some great tricks to help you use Linkedin to its maximum potential.

Cutting to the chase we have collated 3 free things you can do on Linkedin to help boost your business..

1) Download your connections contact details.

Stop spending hours working on mailing lists; you can quite simply download all of your Linkedin connections!

Many still do not realise you can download your contacts list from Linkedin. Yes, you can download your contacts and connect with them offline just as easily as online.

Before I share the link, it is important to remember that whilst people may have connected with you on email, they never gave you their permission to bulk email them. The world of ‘bulk emails’ and mass mailing is still flourishing, but really what people are now looking for is that personal touch that makes you stand out from the crowd!

The download is a great way to drop your contacts.


You can download your contacts here https://www.linkedin.com/people/export-settings


2) Find new connections

The “How You’re Connected” tool helps introduce you to other LinkedIn users who may be connected to you or other connections you have.

When you visit a person’s profile, the tool (which lives in the right-hand column of the screen) allows you to see who in your network knows that person, and how. Clicking “Get Introduced” opens up a new message where you can ask the person to make an introduction. Using this tool is a great way to view people you want to be connected with and who might be the best person to ask for an intro.




3) Use the Advanced People Search Tool

LinkedIn is more and more becoming a database for finding people, connecting with prospective business associates and individuals with very specific competencies and keywords included in their profile.


Searches can be performed by typing a person’s name, keywords, or titles into the search box at the top of the page. Advanced searches can be performed by using specific criteria such as location, school, industry, etc.

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